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Hypno Domme Mistress Candice Video ...

This specail is specifically for those on my email list but I thought I would share this on inraptured as well consider it a back to school special!

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femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

Goddess Tiffany financial domination

Are you seeking to submit to a domme of your wildest dreams? Of course you are. Meet Goddess Tiffany, you may have seen her just about everywhere selling her hot clips4sale and now you are about to become captivated by her beauty once again from one of our sister websites on EliteDomination - The Femdom Guide so get those wallets ready on your niteflirt account.

This young ebony beauty offers lots of content to keep you absolutely addicted therefore there's no need in ever worrying if your well will run dry. More in store, if your seeking a custom clip just send request from the bottom toolbar with your name, email contact and description.

She is nothing but high class
and she wont settle for less  therefore you cheap maggots wont be able to get in her way nor be able to chat with her unless you are willing to submit to her command. Really, you have no choice LoL. Aside from that notion, her true money slaves simply adore her as she wouldn't have it any other way. Just look at her website and see for yourself. Polished and pretty just like a princess!

femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

Stocking Slave Hypnosis

Stocking Slave Hypnosis is all about my delicious black stockings that are seamed with a 5 inch lace welt. Stocking slave hypnosis relaxes you into a deep heavenly trance and then lures you into my boudoir. I am waiting for you with my stocking slave hypnosis to tease you as I am standing there completely nude except for a sexy sheer black see through robe.

I slowly put my stockings on for you, then I tease and torment you with my stocking clad foot. So deep and erotic that you just cannot resist my femdom hypnotic power. Just another of my erotic hypnosis recordings.

femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

Pop Goes the Domme Cherry

Hamlet was generous to share his story with this community. A D/s relationship can be an extremely personal and/or private experience. It's not something most would share openly in a forum. Even though inraptured is a home a way from home there is still vulnerability in sharing. Inspired by his generous gift to the community I thought I would share my first experience. Maybe it will help shed light for those who have never had the real experience or maybe it will help you to understand me and where I'm coming from a little better. Or maybe you will just get a chuckle.


I've always been Bossy and stubborn but when I started modeling I was introduced to a whole new world! At 19 I met an older banker in his 50's who wanted to spoil me. New to this idea considering the majority of the boys I dated were my age and didn't have the resources, I was game! We dated for a couple of weeks and every day it was a new gift of some kind, he was kind, polite, caring, generous and wasn't trying to have sex with me. It was exciting and different. Even though he was older and was financing all our experiences I was in charge. I was in charge of where we went to eat the mode of transportation (he had several expensive cars), if we went shopping or to the beach or whatever! Someone was finally treating me like the Princess I always wanted to be. I really liked this guy I was developing real feelings. Then the day came when it was time for us to consummate the relationship and instead of the usual...he started teaching me about the pleasures of Domination and Submission, showing me the pleasures, I learned about SOOOOOOOO much. Safe words, pain threshold, I learned about the various restraints and why some are better than others in certain circumstances, nipple clamps, ball stretchers and weights, butt plugs and chastity devices it was awesome. When he would get home from work I'd strip him down, put a dog collar on him and make him lap up his Martini from the dog bowl. Those were the days...*sigh* But one day as we are playing. I have him tied to a weight bench outside in his backyard on the patio next to the big giant peach tree and I'm giving him an alcohol enema and I realize we've never had actual intercourse. I was having fun and happy...for the most part but I needed more from a boyfriend and I won't go into detail but he couldn't give me that. Not unlike most 19 year olds I wanted to explore and I moved on.

I've really evolved in my likes and dislikes since this first experience, some things I find I like to go back to. This was my first REAL D/s experience and I consider myself lucky. I often look back at that time and think fondly of the man who gave me my start down my "wicked" little path. It was no surprise to my mother when I became a Dominatrix, it was the stripper thing that threw her! I remember my mother angrily asking me "what is it with you and sex!!" and I replied "I like it."

femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

Financial domination devotion

Are you excited to know how money slavery works and when to begin? Why of course you do because you are here eagerly wanting to know more about who these slaves are that throw themselves to me before surrendering. Well, it all began by checking my emails until I stumbled across a slave that shares he found me from twitter watching my tweets for quite some time. He tells me that he’s never heard of financial domination or ever even indulged in hypnosis yet he finds himself fascinated throughout his Disney-tour of one of my fetish websites. I simply do not enjoy wasting ping pong conversations online so I suggested that he treats himself to my empire of debauchery delight mp3′s and from there decide how far he desires to serve my wants needs and desires.

Mine without a doubt as I once again seduced a new man out of no where into a fresh little addicted human atm because all it took for him was to see previews of a wide variety of hidden taboos men have had for generations then presto, he’s within my grasp. And so what did he purchase? LoL what all white boys usually do, the black cock, forced bi category. But there’s a twist, he tells me that he doesn’t want his debit card traced from his wife and request to use some other alternative. I suggested cash in which he still didn’t feel comfortable in doing so he agreed to send me a postal money order. He asked me how I got started in this industry and I told him everything including when I used to do porn. I love the hell out of this business simply because I am the master of my own destiny setting forth my “own” rules of what I say findom fetish is and how I do it. I actually found myself enjoying our conversation once he proved to me that the money-order was sent. All together he sends Princess Simone $500 because my birthday just passed wanting to insure I am impressed with his newly devotion.

Your wife or girlfriend will never know our kinky little secret as I care nothing about her but what belongs to me, including her assets . Men are stupid and I am too beautiful, sadistic and seductive to pass as it is I who holds the key to your hidden fetishes. Seeking to belong to a irresistible black femdom of your inner most desires? Perhaps you are just a distant admire and cannot or will not reach deep down in your pockets to worship what you crave so intensely, my attention. I see you lurking, creeping, and following me LoL therefore what yours is mine because it is the law of attraction.

femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

Exciting News: Website Overhaul

As I have said in a previous blog post, my site is always a work is progress. However, my wonderful site has been transformed into a realm that is more fitting to my personality and image. I am the Black Diamond, Glamour Goth, Mistress Tatyana! Yes, my dark, sadistic ways have taken over. You have no choice but to accept your Glamour Goth for the creative and twisted Femdom that she is.
The wonderful feature that has come with my overhaul is my fabulous new store. You subs. Slaves, sissies, and admirers no longer have to go from site to site looking for videos, mp3’s, photos and other items to worship your Glamour Goth Queen with. All of those items are to be found here! In fact, there will be exclusive items in my store that you will not be able to find anywhere else! So take advantage of the awesome feature. Visit often because you just never know what your Glamour Goth Femdom has in store. Now go get your credit card and start spending. Know that your privacy is respected and your information will not be sold to anybody.
My wishlist page has been updated as well. Your Glamour Goth Queen will only be accepting GreenDot Moneypaks and e-gift certificates from my favorite stores as gifts. This change has come because you boys have only been focusing on my Amazon Wishlist and not getting me certificates from the other places that are listed. If you truly desire your Queen to feel good and look divine, go check out my wishlist and see what stores I enjoy gift certificates from. My e-mail address is listed on this page so you won’t have to ask where to send gifts to.

Be on the lookout for more news because I am always reinventing and making boring things come to life!


femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress


Needed an infusion of positive energy today. Between having strep throat and being productive in spite of all obstacles is hard work and can weigh a Dom Down. The first thing I did was go to the grocery store and pile up all those Capital area food bank bags into my cart. I know it sounds like a lot but it really was only about 8. These bags have groceries in them with the receipt stapled to them and they donate them to the food bank. They do this every year up until the super bowl.

So that was a killer infusion of positivity! Now it's time for a nice big shot of hot, kinky fun! It feels like forever since I've done a little naughtiness for myself. The players club always has something dirty going on for Valentines day. I realize it's nothing more than a swingers club but there is always fresh meat begging to be used in any way I see fit. Plus it's always a surprise to see people you would never think to be there, indulging! I think I will start to give it a looksie! What is everyone here doing for Valentines day?


Cool quote:

Subspace is my perfect paradise vacation from busy-mind... blessed be to the Dominant who can stamp my ticket there.
~ Elizabeth

femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

Be My Slave 4 Valentine's Day - Ice Hell + More

Playing some tunes, relaxing after the ice storm nightmare outside. Lights have been flickering.. totally sucks and nearly impossible to walk to your car let alone drive.. so Mistress needs Amusement!!!
Get to Entertaining Me! Read my blog, find a way to show Mistress you Deserve My ATTENTION!
I'm on webcam & My Phone is On.
Took Me like 3 days to fully recover from Kiara from Curse Icon's B-Day bash last weekend.. Had a little to Much Fun. :)
My Birthday is in March, Just letting you know ;)
There are a couple new things I want that I saw when I was at the mall yesterday.. get to adding cashy to my Rush card or Amazon gift certificates or go to MY WISHLIST!


femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

Home From the Expo

I am a pretty focused person especially once I’ve made up my mind to do something.  I’m not one to put myself into situations that easily get out of control or become indulgent in excess. I went to the Adult Entertainment expo with several goals in mind mostly I was interested in learning about the current landscape of the mainstream adult entertainment industry. I knew the sexually charged, let all hang lose environment would have it’s own unique challenges but I also knew that it would make for great entertainment for me and those following my adventure.  I was not disappointed!

The expo reminded me of the ocean, the surface is so beautiful and inviting but the real power lies beneath that surface.   I needed to familiarize myself with both, the top and the bottom. Always a pun intended in case you are questioning. I wanted to be an observer. I wanted to know more than just what they wanted me to see. I stayed sober...only three drinks the whole trip, I got to know people, spend time with people, make some friends, make some great connections etc..

Some of the interesting things I learned


1. None of my stuff is considered Porn by the porn industry. Even though I proudly believe some of it is.  They don't care if I flash a little boob unless I'm having sex with someone or myself. They repeatedly told me I am "only" adult oriented not porn.   It doesn't discourage me nor encourage me nor does it tell me EH doesn't have a place at the Adult Entertainment Expo.  I've always known Erotic hypnosis was fringe. I learned so much as a result of this knowledge. I mean Dommes get really pissy about Dommes who only practice the BD part of BDSM imagine what they think when I tell them I hypno dom!  I reserve sharing that information at Dom parties until someone gets to know me...usually. Swingers and nudists are usually the most receptive and curious about what I do.


2. Never try to operate in the theater of the mind when the theater of the flesh is accessible and in the face of those you want to speak with.


3. Ron Jeremy may have a big penis (I don't know I haven't seen it, I'm just assuming) but he is super short.


4.  The Cathouse guy on HBO has a girlfriend who is a hooker on the show who speaks like she inhaled helium. In person she has a normal voice, it is all for show.


5. Crowds of people will trample anyone to get a free T- shirt thrown into a crowd by a pornstar so get the hell out of the way!


6. Big boobied blondes always get the red carpet treatment even if they aren't a porn star.


Ok I learned much more than that! I learned more business oriented stuff but I don't want to bore you all with the details, lets just say it was awesome. I learned more than I expected to, it was definitely worth attending and I'll probably go again.


In the meantime I am going to be moving everything from my phone and camera so I can create a gallery. I think you will find the craziness as funny as you do sexy, silly as much as you do interesting! I tried to keep everyone up on what was happening so those who were interested could live semi vicariously through me I hope it was effective!

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Best Fetish Femoms directory and its expanding traffic

With Best Fetish Femdoms directory's new feature, more traffic is available to those who enjoy adding their updated clips from one of the most well established and innovating  clips store on the world wide web called clips4sale

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