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Home From the Expo
femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

I am a pretty focused person especially once I’ve made up my mind to do something.  I’m not one to put myself into situations that easily get out of control or become indulgent in excess. I went to the Adult Entertainment expo with several goals in mind mostly I was interested in learning about the current landscape of the mainstream adult entertainment industry. I knew the sexually charged, let all hang lose environment would have it’s own unique challenges but I also knew that it would make for great entertainment for me and those following my adventure.  I was not disappointed!

The expo reminded me of the ocean, the surface is so beautiful and inviting but the real power lies beneath that surface.   I needed to familiarize myself with both, the top and the bottom. Always a pun intended in case you are questioning. I wanted to be an observer. I wanted to know more than just what they wanted me to see. I stayed sober...only three drinks the whole trip, I got to know people, spend time with people, make some friends, make some great connections etc..

Some of the interesting things I learned


1. None of my stuff is considered Porn by the porn industry. Even though I proudly believe some of it is.  They don't care if I flash a little boob unless I'm having sex with someone or myself. They repeatedly told me I am "only" adult oriented not porn.   It doesn't discourage me nor encourage me nor does it tell me EH doesn't have a place at the Adult Entertainment Expo.  I've always known Erotic hypnosis was fringe. I learned so much as a result of this knowledge. I mean Dommes get really pissy about Dommes who only practice the BD part of BDSM imagine what they think when I tell them I hypno dom!  I reserve sharing that information at Dom parties until someone gets to know me...usually. Swingers and nudists are usually the most receptive and curious about what I do.


2. Never try to operate in the theater of the mind when the theater of the flesh is accessible and in the face of those you want to speak with.


3. Ron Jeremy may have a big penis (I don't know I haven't seen it, I'm just assuming) but he is super short.


4.  The Cathouse guy on HBO has a girlfriend who is a hooker on the show who speaks like she inhaled helium. In person she has a normal voice, it is all for show.


5. Crowds of people will trample anyone to get a free T- shirt thrown into a crowd by a pornstar so get the hell out of the way!


6. Big boobied blondes always get the red carpet treatment even if they aren't a porn star.


Ok I learned much more than that! I learned more business oriented stuff but I don't want to bore you all with the details, lets just say it was awesome. I learned more than I expected to, it was definitely worth attending and I'll probably go again.


In the meantime I am going to be moving everything from my phone and camera so I can create a gallery. I think you will find the craziness as funny as you do sexy, silly as much as you do interesting! I tried to keep everyone up on what was happening so those who were interested could live semi vicariously through me I hope it was effective!