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Exciting News: Website Overhaul
femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

As I have said in a previous blog post, my site is always a work is progress. However, my wonderful site has been transformed into a realm that is more fitting to my personality and image. I am the Black Diamond, Glamour Goth, Mistress Tatyana! Yes, my dark, sadistic ways have taken over. You have no choice but to accept your Glamour Goth for the creative and twisted Femdom that she is.
The wonderful feature that has come with my overhaul is my fabulous new store. You subs. Slaves, sissies, and admirers no longer have to go from site to site looking for videos, mp3’s, photos and other items to worship your Glamour Goth Queen with. All of those items are to be found here! In fact, there will be exclusive items in my store that you will not be able to find anywhere else! So take advantage of the awesome feature. Visit often because you just never know what your Glamour Goth Femdom has in store. Now go get your credit card and start spending. Know that your privacy is respected and your information will not be sold to anybody.
My wishlist page has been updated as well. Your Glamour Goth Queen will only be accepting GreenDot Moneypaks and e-gift certificates from my favorite stores as gifts. This change has come because you boys have only been focusing on my Amazon Wishlist and not getting me certificates from the other places that are listed. If you truly desire your Queen to feel good and look divine, go check out my wishlist and see what stores I enjoy gift certificates from. My e-mail address is listed on this page so you won’t have to ask where to send gifts to.

Be on the lookout for more news because I am always reinventing and making boring things come to life!