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Financial domination devotion
femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

Are you excited to know how money slavery works and when to begin? Why of course you do because you are here eagerly wanting to know more about who these slaves are that throw themselves to me before surrendering. Well, it all began by checking my emails until I stumbled across a slave that shares he found me from twitter watching my tweets for quite some time. He tells me that he’s never heard of financial domination or ever even indulged in hypnosis yet he finds himself fascinated throughout his Disney-tour of one of my fetish websites. I simply do not enjoy wasting ping pong conversations online so I suggested that he treats himself to my empire of debauchery delight mp3′s and from there decide how far he desires to serve my wants needs and desires.

Mine without a doubt as I once again seduced a new man out of no where into a fresh little addicted human atm because all it took for him was to see previews of a wide variety of hidden taboos men have had for generations then presto, he’s within my grasp. And so what did he purchase? LoL what all white boys usually do, the black cock, forced bi category. But there’s a twist, he tells me that he doesn’t want his debit card traced from his wife and request to use some other alternative. I suggested cash in which he still didn’t feel comfortable in doing so he agreed to send me a postal money order. He asked me how I got started in this industry and I told him everything including when I used to do porn. I love the hell out of this business simply because I am the master of my own destiny setting forth my “own” rules of what I say findom fetish is and how I do it. I actually found myself enjoying our conversation once he proved to me that the money-order was sent. All together he sends Princess Simone $500 because my birthday just passed wanting to insure I am impressed with his newly devotion.

Your wife or girlfriend will never know our kinky little secret as I care nothing about her but what belongs to me, including her assets . Men are stupid and I am too beautiful, sadistic and seductive to pass as it is I who holds the key to your hidden fetishes. Seeking to belong to a irresistible black femdom of your inner most desires? Perhaps you are just a distant admire and cannot or will not reach deep down in your pockets to worship what you crave so intensely, my attention. I see you lurking, creeping, and following me LoL therefore what yours is mine because it is the law of attraction.