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Pop Goes the Domme Cherry
femdom, findom, financial domination, money mistress, mistress

Hamlet was generous to share his story with this community. A D/s relationship can be an extremely personal and/or private experience. It's not something most would share openly in a forum. Even though inraptured is a home a way from home there is still vulnerability in sharing. Inspired by his generous gift to the community I thought I would share my first experience. Maybe it will help shed light for those who have never had the real experience or maybe it will help you to understand me and where I'm coming from a little better. Or maybe you will just get a chuckle.


I've always been Bossy and stubborn but when I started modeling I was introduced to a whole new world! At 19 I met an older banker in his 50's who wanted to spoil me. New to this idea considering the majority of the boys I dated were my age and didn't have the resources, I was game! We dated for a couple of weeks and every day it was a new gift of some kind, he was kind, polite, caring, generous and wasn't trying to have sex with me. It was exciting and different. Even though he was older and was financing all our experiences I was in charge. I was in charge of where we went to eat the mode of transportation (he had several expensive cars), if we went shopping or to the beach or whatever! Someone was finally treating me like the Princess I always wanted to be. I really liked this guy I was developing real feelings. Then the day came when it was time for us to consummate the relationship and instead of the usual...he started teaching me about the pleasures of Domination and Submission, showing me the pleasures, I learned about SOOOOOOOO much. Safe words, pain threshold, I learned about the various restraints and why some are better than others in certain circumstances, nipple clamps, ball stretchers and weights, butt plugs and chastity devices it was awesome. When he would get home from work I'd strip him down, put a dog collar on him and make him lap up his Martini from the dog bowl. Those were the days...*sigh* But one day as we are playing. I have him tied to a weight bench outside in his backyard on the patio next to the big giant peach tree and I'm giving him an alcohol enema and I realize we've never had actual intercourse. I was having fun and happy...for the most part but I needed more from a boyfriend and I won't go into detail but he couldn't give me that. Not unlike most 19 year olds I wanted to explore and I moved on.

I've really evolved in my likes and dislikes since this first experience, some things I find I like to go back to. This was my first REAL D/s experience and I consider myself lucky. I often look back at that time and think fondly of the man who gave me my start down my "wicked" little path. It was no surprise to my mother when I became a Dominatrix, it was the stripper thing that threw her! I remember my mother angrily asking me "what is it with you and sex!!" and I replied "I like it."